Currently Serving in Loja, Ecuador

Who I Am

The Lord has placed a burden on my heart for those who do not know Him and I am answering His call and continuing to walk in His steps to pursue cross-cultural ministry.

In December of 2020, I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and a minor in Spanish. Last year, I also completed my TESL Certification and am thankful the Lord has provided these opportunities to be trained for global work!

I recently moved to Ecuador and will be serving in the city of Loja: one of the most unreached places in the country. Please pray about partnering with what God is doing through my efforts.

In Him,

Susan Dion Daughtridge

Partner through Prayer

Be involved in the advancement of the gospel by praying for ministries happening in Loja, Ecuador and by receiving regular email updates!

Current Prayer Requests

  • Opportunity to Serve with SIM USA in January 2022

  • For sufficient financial support to be able to move to Charlotte, NC by January and begin working

  • For the current volunteer team serving at REFF in Loja

  • For continued growth in relationships with young people participating in REFF and for their own understanding of who Jesus is in their lives

  • That pastors and leaders will be united through the new Youth Leaders Network

  • Saying goodbye and to be able to close this term of service well

  • For travel safety and for a smooth adjustment back to my home culture

Partner through Finance

Be a part of what the Lord is doing in Ecuador by contributing financially and being en enabler for the gospel from wherever you are around the world. Just as God is calling some to go to the nations (Luke 10:1-2), He is also calling His people to send (Matt. 10:40-42). We all have a responsibility to participate in the work of the Great Commission!

Ways to Give

Mail a check: Make payable to SIM USA and write “Susan Daughtridge - 050168" in memo line. Mail to: 

SIM USA - STA Receipting

P.O. Box 7900 

Charlotte, NC 28241

Give online: Click below to participate in monthly giving or one time gifts connected straight to personal ministry account!

Newsletter Updates

Sept. 2020

Returning to Ecuador

Over the past several months I have been
praying for the Lord to bring clarity and He has called me to return to Loja, Ecuador for the year of 2021. Click
here to find out more!

Oct. 2020

Serving a 1 year term

As I  have followed where the Lord has been leading, I am now serving with SIM USA in Ecuador until December of 2021. Click here to see how you can be praying for me during this season!

Nov. 2020

How to Give

During my time on the field, I need to gather a group of partners spiritually and financially committed to praying and giving monthly during the year. Click here to find out how you can send and enable me as the Lord has called me to go!

Dec. 2020

Giving Tuesday

"But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand." 1 Chronicles 29:14. Click here to read about the biblical importance of giving and how we are called to do so in obedience to the Lord!

Jan. 2021

Preparing for Departure

Join me in praying for a fruitful year of the Harvest, that many among the nations may come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and that you and I both would be more intentional about sharing the love of Christ with those around us wherever in the world we may be. Click here to read a reflection of the Lord’s provision in bringing me to this point and click here to read my update of departing for the field!

Feb. & Mar. 2021

Arrival and Adjustments

I arrived in Loja at the end of January and have been quite busy learning culture and language, working regularly on two ministry teams, and finding my daily routine. I've been trying new foods, meeting new people, starting online trainings, and meeting with mentors and team members! It has been a very exciting season, yet a challenging one. Thank you for all your messages and prayers since I have arrived! Click here to read about my first two months back in Ecuador.

Feb. & Mar. 2021

Apr. - Jun. 2021

Ecuadorians wanting to practice their English has been a great tool for the truth of Scripture to be heard and discussed in meaningful conversations. Please be praying for government restrictions and COVID cases here to lower so we can continue building relationships again face to face! Click here to find out more about our English Conversation ministry with young people here in Ecuador!

Jul. - Sept. 2021

Our goal with REFF is to work with young people and University Students in Loja where many are non-believers and would be exposed to the gospel message. Other participants would be discipled along the way at a personal level who already know Jesus! After about a year and a half of the ministry not operating in person, the Lord (in His timing) has safely allowed us to have meetings in Loja again! Click here to read more about how the Lord has been opening doors for us to use English as a means to communicate God’s truth.

Oct. - Nov. 2021

As I have prayed and sought the Lord for His plans of what is next after my current term in Ecuador finishes, a door has opened for the next season. Click here to read more about a new door the Lord has opened before me and how He has been working in Loja the last few months!


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Lord, send me

Again he said, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” John 20:21

Una vez más les dijo, “La paz sea con ustedes. Como el Padre me envió a mí, así yo los envío a ustedes.” Juan 20:21


Email at:

Avaliable on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp at: (+573) 98-999-5837

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Thank you for investing in the global work of the Lord through me.

Contact me to hear my story and find out the passions God has placed on my heart.

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